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Reiki (pronounced ray-kee) is a Japanese word meaning universal life energy. During a Reiki session, the practitioner places his or her hands gently on the recipient to become a channel for the transference of energy. Reiki is gentle, non-invasive and non-manipulative. Healing energy moves freely to the places in the recipient’s body where it is needed to promote health. Reiki does not replace, but rather supports all allopathic treatments.

Reiki is compatible with yoga. The ancient yogis understood that we were all energy beings. They called the energy body, the subtle body.

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Reiki is a subtle art which creates a state of deep relaxation similar to yoga nidra. After a Reiki session, you will feel rested and restored much like the way you feel after a yoga practice followed by savasana. In fact, you could think of a Reiki session as a sustained savasana. Reiki is particularly helpful for stress reduction, pain management, and healing from injury. Reiki may also help you to find more ease in your yoga practice.


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