All private sessions are suspended until further notice.

My goal in offering private sessions is to introduce a compassionate therapeutic yoga to my clients and guide them to a natural state of well-being.

Each session begins with a quiet time of centering and becoming present with the breath. Reiki, a touch modality that supports healing is often included. Clients may also schedule a separate Reiki Session.

Yoga poses and breathing practices are carefully chosen for each client based on their needs and preferences. To promote safety, clients are encouraged to sense their body and report any discomfort immediately.

Poses are modified as needed. Yoga props, such as bricks, straps, bolsters or therapy balls are used to increase muscle awareness and help each client practice with mindfulness.

Alchemy Crystal singing bowls will be incorporated at the beginning and again during the relaxation period at the close of each session. The clear ringing tones of each bowl vibrate throughout the body to promote healing at the cellular level and create a profound sense of peace.

After 3 sessions, clients receive a short list of yoga poses and breathing practices to do at home. This list is reviewed and adjusted during any future private sessions.

$60/session. See Essential Yoga Pricing for specials and discounts.